The crusade against Christianity that is now occurring in the UK and Europe is turning distinctly nasty and indeed is starting to gain the attention of some authorities. Most of the behaviour reported wouldn’t have occurred fifty – eighty years ago (except perhaps in pre-War Germany).
Yet now we have it.I don’t pretend to have the answer, but I do think that “something” ought to be done. However “this is ‘something’ let’s do it” isn’t the best way of tackling the problem. The cause of the anti-Christianism is complex, and the solution will necessarily have to be well thought through – it isn’t within the realm of pop-journalism to analyse it for us.Regardless of the musings of journalists, the whole media-driven public perception of the paedophile rash has probably been the biggest background driver of public anti-Christian sentiment. Obviously other far more long-standing issues are involved, but the media paedophile frenzy was the catalyst for many people. It gave people something on which to hang their previously fuzzy anti-religion feelings.I have said before, and I’ll say again, the western churches – all of them – have already lost the war. They, with their rampant liberals, paedophiles, modernists have made themselves unacceptable to the public.

I have also said before that I believe the Russian Church, while beset with its own daunting internal problems, nevertheless has a duty to Europe to come to its rescue.

Only the Russian Church and her Patriarch have the clean media image in the west to undertake the task. And yes it will involve the spending of money. It occurs to me that Mr. Putin could well apportion a good part of his foreign policy budget to the Church to spend on European missions. The return for Russia long term would be incalculable.

This is no mere pipe dream, the re-Christianisation of Europe must be accomplished one way or another if Christianity is to survive and if we in Europe are to survive. Spain drove out the moslems over a lengthy period, and frankly, western Europe/UK needs to find a solution to the immigrants who adhere to the moslem religion. Conversion is the best solution, but that requires laws that enforce freedom from violent retaliation. We possibly need to think through the likelihood of a mission-war between the two religions.

However, as we well know now, moslems are not the main problem at all. The main problem is militant liberalism-anti-Christianity. This is a home-grown western phenomenon with some extremely nasty financial and political connections. This needs to be properly analysed and these connections made transparent to all. How we get this done and how we achieve a media that will finally begin to report the new Christianity accurately and fairly seems to be one of the beginning points.


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